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A Closer Look at Hip Shoulder Separation – (05:08)

Biomechanist Anthony Brady shows us what exactly hip shoulder separation is, and how timing in the delivery can effect a thrower’s sequence and velocity.

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2 thoughts on “A Closer Look at Hip Shoulder Separation – (05:08)

  1. I love the information. As a high school coach, I am looking for drills that my pitchers can use to develop the feel of hip and shoulder timing and rotation.

    1. Bill – thanks for the question. We like to use Roll-Ins and Drop-steps to help athletes feel proper sequencing in achieving a good amount of hip shoulder separation, and achieving that into or slightly after foot-plant. With the preset open pelvis into foot-plant, the roll-in allows athletes to feel the counter rotation of their torso to land in a separated position by exaggerating this feeling. The drop-step allows athletes to feel the their hips rotating before the shoulders in a dynamic action for more efficient sequencing of hip-shoulder separation.

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