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Best Uses for Long and Short Bats – (07:52)

Explaining why long and short bats can be effective tools and what swing flaws they can address.

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5 thoughts on “Best Uses for Long and Short Bats – (07:52)

  1. Where do you guys get your long and short bats?

  2. Big boy bats has multiple size woods,
    Axe now has one …
    LS has some big bats too

    Not a ton of options

    1. We use the Axe Bat Long Trainer pretty heavily but if you are looking for a wood option, Big Time Baseball has some long training bats that we like using.

  3. Based on the short and long bat video, Barrel awareness is kind of a broad term. So please correct me if I’m off here;
    Driveline is teaching barrel awareness using various bat sizes and weights, as well as drills such as soft toss to a specific part of the strike zone (based on the hitters weakness).

    1. Barrel awareness is referring to the perception of the barrel or sweet spot through space. The various bat lengths and weights challenge the hitter with new problems to solve for, as the athlete is trying to coordinate movement to create desired batted ball collisions with various lengths/weights. On the Overload Axe Bats, both are the same weight, but feel completely different because of where the weight is distributed. Certain swing flaws will be exposed or amplified by these new lengths/weights and force the hitter to find new solutions. This is the same idea with targeted front toss or pitch location, which is often combined with the differing bat types. Over time, we will see the new solutions turn into adaptations that the athlete has found on their own. This helps with acquisition and retention of the swing adjustment.

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