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Statcast Batted Ball Metrics, like other Trackman measured stats, can be slightly biased from park to park. This video will explain why and how to correct for this. Data Courtesy of Baseball Savant and MLBAM Work Cited: Slide 1- Miguel Cabrera vs Comerica Park (Perpetua, 2018) Some Physics of Humidors (Kagan, 2018) Comerica Park might actually be a hitters' haven (Petriello, 2018) Home and Road Exit Velocity (Perpetua, 2017) Slide 2: The Need for Adjusted Exit Velocity (Judge, Wheatley-Schaller, and O'Rourke, 2016) Home and Road Exit Velocity (Perpetua, 2017) Corked Bats, Juiced Balls, and Humidors: The Physics of Cheating in Baseball (Nathan, Smith, Faber, and Russell, 2011) A Baseball’s Exit Velocity Is Five Parts Hitter, One Part Pitcher (Arthur, 2016) MLB's Hit-Tracking Tool Misses A Lot of Hits (Arthur, 2016) The Lurking Error in Statcast Pitch Data (Schifman, 2018) Fine tuning PITCHf/x location data (Marchi, 2011) How Accurate is PitchTrax? (Fast, 2011)
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