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We'll look at how different pitch types move in the big leagues. What constitutes a lot of vertical or horizontal movement and how can I use this information to evaluate my pitchers? Slide 1: Evaluation of Doppler Radar Ball Tracking and Its Experimental Uses (Martin, 2012- pg 50) Image on Right Courtesy of Sam Briend's twitter feed Slide 2: Determining Pitch Movement from PITCHf/x Data (Nathan, 2012) Slide 4: Release Points: Pitch-Type Benchmarks (Rozenson, 2015- Baseball Prospectus) Slide 5: Pitch classification revisited (Marchi, 2010- Hardball Times) Slide 6: Images and Data Published at Brooks Baseball ( Statistics Provided at Fangraphs ( Slide 3: All Pitch Movement Data Published at Baseball Prospectus Pitch FX Leaderboards via Pitch Info
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