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This is part 2 in our multi-part series on gaze behavior. We look into other forms of visual acuity and whether traditional vision programs actually help batters at the plate. Slide 1: Dynamic visual acuity in baseball players is due to superior tracking abilities (Uchida, Kudoh, Higuchi, Honda, and Kanosue, 2013) Image Published by Steiner ( Slide 2: A study of static, kinetic, and dynamic visual acuity in 102 Japanese professional baseball players (Hoshina et al, 2013) Image Published by Hasshokukou (2013) Slide 3: Improved vision and on field performance in baseball through perceptual learning (Deveau, Ozer, and Seitz, 2014) High-performance vision training improves batting statistics for University of Cincinnati baseball players (Clark, Ellis, Bench, Khoury, and Graman, 2012) Depth Perception Improvement in Collegiate Baseball Players with Vision Training (Clark, Graman, and Ellis, 2015) Do generalized visual training programmes for sport really work? An experimental investigation (Abernethy and Wood, 2001) Cincinnati Image Published via UC Riverside Image Published via Slide 4: Sensorimotor Learning in a Computerized Athletic Training Battery (Krasich et al, 2016) Visual abilities distinguish pitchers from hitters in professional baseball (Klemish et al, 2017) Sensorimotor abilities predict on-field performance in professional baseball (Burris et al, 2018) Nike Sensory Image Published on (via Perception Performance and Psychophysiology Lab at Duke University) Duke University Logo Published at Wikipedia Commons Slide 5: Sensorimotor abilities predict on-field performance in professional baseball (Burris et al, 2018) Slide 6: Interpupillary Distance and Pupil Diameter of Baseball Athletes and Non-Athletes (Hunfalvay, Kubitz, Murray, and Bolte, 2018) An investigation of the visual behavior of professional baseballers prior to the execution of batting: Evidence for oculomotor warm up, attentional processes or pre-performance routines (Hunfalvay, Ryan, Roberts, and Martin, 2017) The Hand-eye Coordination of Professional Baseball Players: The Relationship to Batting (Laby, Kirschen, Govindarjulu, and Deland, 2018) Image Published at Virtual reality technology is gaining a foothold in baseball as an aid in game preparation (DiGiovanna, 2016- LA Times)
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