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Part 4 goes over more contemporary research on gaze behavior and highlight some of the shortcoming within this field of analysis. Slide 1: The Head Tracks and Gaze Predicts: How the World's Best Batters Hit (Mann, Spratford, and Abernethy, 2013) Image Accessed via Slides 2,3,&4: The influence of ball-swing on the timing and coordination of a natural interceptive task (Sarpeshkr, Mann, Spratford, and Abernethy, 2017) Visual strategies underpinning the development of visual-motor expertise when hitting a ball (Sarpeshkr, Mann, and Abernethy, 2017) Slide 5: A method to monitor eye and head tracking movements in college baseball players (Fogt and Zimmerman, 2014) Slide 6: Head-eye movement of collegiate baseball batters during fastball hitting (Higuchi, Nagami, Nakata, and Kanosue, 2018) Slide 7: Contribution of Visual Information about Ball Trajectory to Baseball Hitting Accuracy (Higuchi et al, 2016)
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