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We visualize the different shapes and sizes of the strike zone in the MLB and discuss how the strike zone impacts the run environment within a given context. Slide 1: Opportunistic Shirking Behavior During Unpaid Overtime (Green and Daniels, 2017) The Universal Strike Zone (Boyle, 2018- Baseball Prospectus) Slide 2: Image Published via Jon Roegele's Twitter Feed ( Slide 3: The 2017 Strike Zone (Roegele, 2018- Hardball Times) Social Pressure at the Plate: Inequality Aversion, Status, and Mere Exposure (Mills, 2013) Slide 4: Are the Umpires at it Again? (Mills, 2016- Hardball Times) The Strike Zone Time Travel Test: How Much of Baseball’s Anemic Offense Really Stems From the Swollen Zone? (Lindbergh, 2015- Grantland)
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