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In evaluating a hitter, wOBA is the foundation with which every analysis should start. We explain what goes into calculating wOBA and how we can measure this at the NCAA level. Slide 1: Data Accessed via Image Accessed via Slide 2: Data Accessed via Slide 4: Data Accessed via ( Slide 5: Data Accessed via ( Slide 6: Basic wOBA Equation (Zimmerman, 2015- Fangraphs) Equations from Fangraphs Library ( Slide 7: True Talent wOBA (Tango, 2016- Exploring Batter xwOBA and its Applications, Part 1 (Stevenson, 2018- Fangraphs Community) Image Accessed via Tom Tango's Twitter Feed ( Slide 8: Basic wOBA Equation (Zimmerman, 2015- Fangraphs)
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