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An investigation on how pitchers impart spin and whether spin rates on secondaries correlate with fastball spin rate. A strong relationshp between the two would indicate factors such as finger strength/length are important for generating spin. Slide 1: Baseball Spin and Pitchers' Performance (Kanosue, Nagami, Higuchi, Maekawa, and Yanai, 2014) Middle Finger and Ball Movements Around Ball Release During Baseball Fastball Pitching (Matsuo et al, 2017) Finger Forces in Fastball Baseball Pitching (Kinoshita et al, 2017) Relationship between finger strength and spin rate of curveballs thrown by NCAA Division 1 baseball pitchers (Woods, Spaniol, and Bonnette, 2018) Finger pad friction and its role in grip and touch (Adams et al, 2013) All Slides: Determining the 3D Spin Axis from TrackMan Data (Nathan, 2007- Updated 2015) Data Courtesy of Baseball Savant
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