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We take a deep dive into the literature regarding the perceptual abilities of batters to be able to discriminate the release spin of an incoming pitch. Works Cited: The Role of the Baseball Seam Pattern In Pitch Recognition (Hyllegard, 91) Behavior of College Baseball Players in a Virtual Batting Task (Gray, 02) Unconfounding the direction of motion in depth, time to passage and rotation rate of an approaching object (Gray and Regan, 2006) The Effect of Fastball Backspin Rate on Baseball Hitting Accuracy (Higuchi et al, 2012) How Baseball Spin Influences Performance of a Pitcher (Nagami, Higuchi, and Kanosue, 2013) Baseball Spin and Pitchers' Performance (Kanosue et al, 2014) A Baseball Batter’s Perception of Spin & How it Relates to Hitting Performance (Gray, 2017) Form features provide a cue to the angular velocity of rotating objects (Blair et al, 2015) How fast can a baseball spin before an observer can’t tell the direction of rotation? (Shapiro, Newport, DeVries, 2015) Batting with occluded vision: An in situ examination of the information pick-up and interceptive skills of high- and low-skilled cricket batsmen (Muller and Abernethy, 2006) All Data Courtesy of Baseball Savant and MLBAM
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