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This video discusses the quantitative factors that go into building an optimal batting lineup. Citations: Which teams are optimizing their lineups? (Lichtman, 2014) Optimizing Your Lineup By The Book (Kalkman, 2012) Should Teams Worry About Lineup Balance? (Carleton, 2014) What’s the cost of stacking three lefties? (Tango, 2014) Pitching Around Batters (Tango, 2006) The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball (Tango, Lichtman & Dolphin, 2007) You're Hurting My Game: Lineup Protection and Injuries in Major League Baseball (Phillips, 2011) Team-Specific Hitter Values by Markov (Staude, 2013) Optimizing Batting Orders Across MLB (Petti, 2012)
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