Driveline EDGE

EDGE solves for the, "What do I do with this data?" question.

You can receive in depth analysis of your pitches and/or swing, obtain specific drill and suggestions, and visualize the desired outcomes with a few keyboard strokes/mouse clicks. Not only will you get a better understanding for what the data means, you’ll get an actionable plan for what to do with it.

Streamlining actionable practice plans and analyses from pitching or hitting data that you are collecting

What’s in EDGE?

Pitch Visualizations 

  • SPIN-COMPARISON: Create two 3D visuals of baseball spinning according to pitch axis metric inputs for immediate comparison.

  • PITCH-MOVEMENT: Create a 3D visual of a baseball spinning according to pitch axis metric inputs along with movement profile deviating from center. 

  • SPIN-TRANSITION: Create a 3D visual of baseball spinning according to pitch axis metric inputs that then transitions to a different pitch axis.

  • PITCH-COMPARISON: Create two 3D visuals of baseballs spinning according to pitch axis metric inputs, then one ball transitions to a different pitch axis.

  • PITCH-ARSENAL: Create up to seven 3D animated pitches based on pitch metrics.    *Available within TRAQ

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Coaches Tools

  • Use your CSV data or manually input metrics to convert to different distance profiles, remove drag, estimate spin-efficiencies, and easily convert spin-direction/tilt from clock format to degree format.

*Coming Soon to TRAQ

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Pitch Charts

  •  Using your TrackMan CSV data, create instant, interactive visuals or downloadable reports full of rich tabular data and detailed static visuals such as limited intrinsic pitch type metrics, contour heat maps, clustered movement plots, and more.
*Coming Soon to TRAQ
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Pitch Recommendations

  • This tool provides players and coaches with automated pitch type recommendations based on the underlying spin components of a pitch. These custom suggestions will help assure that athletes are working towards a goal that will benefit them in the long-run and improve performance.
*Available within TRAQ

Swing Profile

  • This tool will generate a report based off of bat snesor data. On this report you will see your peaks and averages and how they compare across different levels of competition. You will also receive drill recommendations that address specific areas of concern. 
*Available within TRAQ

Skip manually putting in numbers, and runs reports straight from TRAQ!

You can now use the data you are tracking inside your account to get automatic reports. Whether you want pitch recommendations from Rapsodo numbers or swing recommendations from bat sensor data, all of it can be done in TRAQ. 


Want to talk to us about how EDGE can help you utilize the data you are collecting?