Driveline Assessment Tour

Driveline Assessment Tour brings Driveline’s world class data-driven assessment protocols to remote locations throughout North America. Using the same technology as our facility in Kent, WA, athletes will receive actionable data in areas such as biomechanical evaluation, ball physics, high speed video, and high performance/mobility screens. Athletes will also receive one month of programming from a Driveline Trainer, with the option to sign up for our online training program to continue to train with us remotely. Athletes age 15 and up.

  • January 18-19: Cedar Park, TX




  1. Greg N

    I live in philly and I’m a physical therapist. I do throwing evaluations in the office and I want to sign up for the 2 hour coaching session but I would love to see how you do your evaluations in real time. Is that possible?

    • Driveline Baseball

      Greg- The best way to gain an understanding of our assessment process is to attend one of these coaches seminars. We do not allow observations of the mobile assessments as it is a service to those paying athletes who are assessing. We want to give them the best service we can which includes the privacy of personal training.

  2. Michael

    I have 2 questions about the Pitching assessment in Philadelphia on July 16-17: 1. Would my 14 year old son be able to participate. 2. Can you tell me where The Facility is located?

    • Driveline Baseball

      Michael – Hey there. Yes, your 14 year old would absolutely be able to participate. The address for The Facility in Philadelphia is:

      1690 Republic Rd #2
      Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

  3. Ted CHAPMAN

    For coaching session in Toronto do you know a time?

    • Driveline Baseball

      The Coaches Seminar at each Mobile Assessment stop will likely be from 5-7pm.

  4. Patrick Antone

    Will hitting still be covered at the 2 hour coaching clinic in St. Louis even though it’s pitching only?

    • Driveline Baseball

      We will be discussing pitching, high performance, bio-mechanics, and how all of these integrate with each other. There will not be a hitting discussion at the St Louis Seminar.

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