Driveline Youth Arm Care Starter Kit

Plus Price: $120.00

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All the equipment needed to execute the On-Ramp Program for one athlete:

– 1 set of PlyoCare balls for every day warm-up, throwing training, and recovery
– 1 set of Wrist Weights for warm-up and recovery
– 1 set of J-bands for warm-up and recovery

Recommended age: 9-13

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A Get-Started Arm Care Program for Young Athletes


Need a structured arm care plan?


The starter kit has everything you need to get started. Your kit comes with PlyoCare balls for everyday training, a set of J-bands for warm-up and recovery, and a set of wrist weights for arm mapping and fitness. It’s the total package for young pitchers to start learning good warm-up habits and a consistent set of mechanics.


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Comes with a Free Get Started Program


Our free youth starter program is great for athletes 9-13 who are starting to take baseball more seriously. It features a basic, structured warm-up, throwing and recovery plan. 


It is a complete on-ramp program with warm-up, training, and recovery drills listed. Don’t let lack of a plan stop you from getting started.


Goal of the Youth Pitching Training Book


The starter program is emailed to you upon purchase. It includes:


  • A primer on how to get started well…and common mistakes made when on-ramping.
  • A clear warm-up, training and recovery plan, along with specific rest days.
  • Pictures and drill videos so you can compare your drill mechanics.
  • A plan for what do when you throw and when to rest.


Reverse Throws


Wrist Weight Series
Warm-Up: Wrist Weight Series



Jaeger Sports Junior J-Bands

– Color: Black
– Comfortable wrist cuff attachments
– Carabiner attachment

Driveline Youth PlyoCare Ball Set

– Green: 1000g (2.2 lb)
– Blue: 450g (~1 lb)
– Red: 225g (~8 oz)
– Yellow: 150g (5.3 oz)
– Gray: 100g (3.5 oz)

Leather Wrist Weights – 2.5kg set

– Flexible and balanced to comfortably fit the wrist.
– Sold as a set. 2.5kg set is two (2) 2.5kg weights.
– Durable stitching allows these weights to withstand ballistic throws.
– Treated leather material is easy to clean.

Additional information

Weight 240 oz