“Good Enough” Practice Baseballs – $28.80 per dozen


$28.80 per dozen

These are durable gamers with a couple of warts. Not pearls, but they are “good enough” to use every day.

  • DURABLE, flat-seam gamers with a blemish.
  • PREMIUM LEATHER, cushioned-cork center.
  • FLAT SEAMS, feels like a college ball.


“Good Enough” Practice Baseballs are available on backorder. They are expected to ship March 2019.

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Good enough baseballs at a great price.

High-quality, flat-seam baseball with a blemish or two per ball. Not gamers–but good enough for BP this year.

If your program is lucky enough to have a steady supply of good, cheap practice baseballs, these aren’t for you.

These baseballs have a few blemishes. But they are durable. We use them daily.

They aren’t good enough for a pro pitcher to do a Pitch Design session, but they are good enough to hit in the tunnel and play catch.

Why sell “Good Enough” baseballs?

A lot of school programs have their player development budgets limited by equipment needed to hold practice and play games.

We know because we spend a lot of money on baseballs every year. So we sourced these for our own use–and now we want to make sure that coaches have the same access to those deals.

Additional information

Weight 150 oz
Number of Balls

30 Baseballs (2.5 Dozen), 5 Dozen, 10 Dozen, 25 Dozen


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