Hitting Assessment – Online Analysis for Athletes


Clear Training Plans from Your Data

-INDIVIDUALIZED. Training without a plan is just guessing. What does your data say you need to work on?

-EFFECTIVE. Make the most out of your practice time working on exactly what you need right now.

-COMMUNICATION. Let us worry about what the data says–you can focus on doing the work to get results.


Assessments are best done off of competitive machine work or firm batting practice.

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You’re 300 Swings Away from a Quality Training Plan

Eliminate the guessing from training. While assessments will never replace good coaching–they can absolutely augment the work of a good coach.

The assessment and data collection is simply a tool that can help us coaches do our jobs better.


What do we measure?

Batted Ball Data

Assessments can be done with any spreadsheet of batted ball data (Hittrax, Trackman, etc). We can use this information to track:

  • Peak and Average Exit Velocity
  • Exit Velocity by Field, by Launch Angle, by Swing Depth
  • Hard Hits by Zone
  • Launch Angle by Field



Swing Data

With collections of swing data (Blast Motion, Diamond Kinetics), we can help you understand the following:

  • Attack Angle
  • Bat Speed
  • Quickness


Applying the Data

Each assessment for players and teams comes with suggested drills to apply the work.


In some circumstances, you might have an option or choice of focus. For instance, during the off-season, we could help you decide between choosing to patch a hole in your swing or optimizing your approach to lay off that pitch–given that you might not have enough time to do both before the next season.



Assessments come with drill suggestions but not full programs. Athletes can take advantage of our Online Training program.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get you my data?

Spreadsheets work best. We will not access any third-party applications on your behalf.


What data do you need?

At minimum, 300 competitive swings (live at-bats, competitive machine or BP work). Swings at lower than competitive intent are not representative of your game swing, so analysis done on those swings will be less informative.

If you have data you’ve previously collected, you can send it to us after purchase to determine suitability for remote analysis.


I have [XYZ data source]. Will that work?

Contact our support team to ask.


What types of data are supported?

All data types are accepted, including video.


Once I submit my data, when will I get it back?

By end of day on the 5th business day.


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