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Online Hitting Assessment

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Detailed Video & Data Analysis with Training Recommendations

Develop a clear and concise plan of attack for the future! With the Online Hitting Assessment you will receive:

  • An initial reachout from a Driveline Hitting Trainer 
  • Detailed report including visuals, notes, and personalized training recommendations 
  • Voice-over recording/analysis of your reports and your swing
  • Customized drill package recommendations

INDIVIDUALIZED – Training without a plan is just guessing. A Driveline Hitting Trainer will take a deep dive into all of your data and videos. 

EFFECTIVE – After completing a thorough analysis of all the data, we will provide you with detailed training recommendations.

ONE-ON-ONE COMMUNICATION – Have questions about your analysis? No problem, we will be readily available to answer any and all follow-up questions you may have.


What type of data can we use?

We can run a thorough analysis using only video! With that being said, having additional sources of data to extract information from allows our trainers to provide you with a more detailed report. We can run analysis using the following: 

  • Blast Motion
  • Hittrax
  • Rapsodo Hitting 
  • K-Vest
  • Diamond Kinetics
  • Flightscope Hitting 
  • Video 

What kind of analysis do we do?

We utilize our internal software tools to produce detailed reports from your data. Next, we cross reference the data and video to identify areas for improvement. After the initial analysis is complete, a Hitting Trainer will create a report including all relevant information as well as a voice over presentation explaining every slide in detail. 

Applying the Data

Each assessment for players and teams comes with suggested drills and training recommendations. In some circumstances, you might have an option or choice for an area of focus. For instance, during the off-season, we can help patch a hole in your swing. Whereas during the season, we could provide advice and drills on how to optimize your approach for performance in the games!

Programming & Online Hitting 

This product comes with drill recommendations but not a full program. If you would like to continue your training, our Online Hitting Program is a great next step!  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send you my data? 

Spreadsheets, PDF’s, or even pictures are all acceptable! You will attach any data you have in an email and send it to your Hitting Trainer. We will not access any third-party applications on your behalf.

What data do you need?

At the very minimum, we need a least one form of data. 

Can you run an analysis using only video? 

Yes, we can run a thorough analysis using only video. With that being said, having additional sources of data to extract information from allows our trainers to provide you with a more detailed report

I have “XYZ data source”…will that work?

If you have any questions about your data and if it will be serviceable for analysis, please reach out to our support team (425-523-4030 or [email protected]). They will be able to provide you with a definitive answer about your data. 

What types of data are supported?

All data types are accepted and encouraged, including video!

Once I submit my data, when will I get it back?

Once payment goes through, a Hitting Trainer will reach out to you the same day. After the initial reach out, our Trainer will instruct you on the best way to send your data/video. Upon receiving all data/video you will receive your analysis back within 5 business days. 


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