Mobile Bat-Fitting & Swing Analysis: Various Locations



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This event will provide an objective, data-driven Bat Fitting and Swing Analysis for each individual athlete. Five different bat specifications, Blast Motion Sensors and a Mobile HitTrax will be used to help collect data on each athlete.

Driveline’s Stance on Hitting

2018 Summer Hitting Review

All athletes in attendance will go through a custom Bat Fitting and Swing Analysis.

For our Bat Fitting process, each athlete will be tested with three different types of handles:

  • Athlete’s Game Bat
  • Standard Axe Handle
  • AxeBat’s new Ball-Joint Handle

Once we determine which handle fits each individual’s swing characteristics best, the athlete will be tested on two different bat weight distributions:

  • Balanced
  • Barrel-Loaded

After testing each athlete for the bat’s weight distribution, we’ll be able to determine a “best fit” for each athlete and their individual swing characteristics.

Within the swing analysis, each athlete will receive an objective, detailed report on their batted ball profile.

The batted ball profile includes key metrics like:

  • Peak and Average Exit Velocity and Launch Angle
  • Bat Speed
  • Attack Angle
  • Time to Contact
  • Peak Hand Speed
  • Vertical Bat Angle

Exit Velocity and Launch Angle metrics will also be sorted by:

  • Field (pull, middle, opposite field)
  • Parts of the strike-zone
  • Depth of the Plate


28 spots available. Sign up today. Once all the slots are sold, it’s over.


Camp is open to all athletes aged 14 and up. All attendees must be able to swing a -3 bat. 


All Sales Final. No Refunds Available After Purchase.

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Date and Location

Dec. 15-16, Pasadena, TX, Vendetta Sports Academy, Feb. 16-17, Omaha, NE, Dynamic Velocity


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