Youth Online Baseball Development Program

From: $499.00 now,
then $99.00 / month

All-Encompassing, Individualized Programming from a Driveline Trainer for Youth Athletes (Ages 8-14)

A custom, individualized, day to day program from warm up to drill work to recovery and age appropriate strength training. All custom made by a dedicated trainer to better fulfill your personal baseball goals!


Interested in signing up? Want to know a little more?

Contact Logan Moose (YOBD Trainer) 


Text: (913) 626 -7457



Month of Online Training (valued at $99/mo)

-Customized hitting, throwing, and warm-up routines uploaded monthly into your TRAQ (Driveline’s custom tracking software) profile.

-Personalized analysis of throwing and hitting videos.

-Consistent access to a Driveline trainer (phone, email, or text whatever is best for you!)


Youth J Bands (One time purchase)

Youth Wrist Weights (One time purchase)

Youth PlyoCare Balls (One time purchase)

Youth HTKC (One time purchase)

1 year Subscription to Driveline Plus

Blast Motion Bat Sensor (One time purchase)

Already have one or more of these items? Don’t worry, just let us know when you sign up and we can discount the package for you and only send you what you need!

Integrated Baseball Development for Youth Players

For Players 9U-14U Youth baseball players need 3 things:

  • Learn fundamental movements
  • Develop good habits that will transfer to the next level 
  • Have fun!

Fundamental Movements

Being a good baseball player means being a good athlete. For young players, learning to hit and throw has a lot more to do with learning how to become a better athlete than it does executing a series of precise “mechanics”.

To move well, physical strength is often overlooked. Many youth coaches seek to apply a “mechanics” fix to a problem of coordination and strength. Our Youth Online Player Development system relies on integrated strength and skill instruction. Both are important from a young age.

Good Habits

Warm-up to throw. Spend time recovering after you train or play. Have an approach at the plate, every time. Every kid hears these pieces of advice. And every day, they are ignored or half-heartedly executed. Training in our Youth Online Player Development, the impact that your warm-up and recovery have on your performance and development is evident!

Everything is tracked. You cannot hide from yourself. And young players can learn responsibility.

Have Fun

We aren’t going to skimp on the fun. A young athlete with Major League dreams still has to like the game at age 17. The training is designed to be fun and engaging. We don’t over-cue athletes–rather they learn how to move well through a series of challenges and drills specifically designed to help them intuit the flaws in their movements.

Tracking Data

Our software gives us the ability to program for athletes and collect performance data on the same platform. We understand that not everyone can come train at our facility in Washington, but we are committed to helping athletes achieve positive results no matter where they are.

With the software, we’re able to chat with the athlete. We can analyze video, and provide feedback. We can then prescribe drills for the athlete, all while tracking progress.

Same Tools, Same Training

You’ll be using the same tools that we’ve used in the gym to get results.  The goal of the system is to improve throwing movement quality, strength, and durability of a pitcher, and bat speed and movement quality/swing mechanics of a hitter.

Who This Program Is For:

  • Athletes who are available 3-4 days a week to train and can allot 1-2 hours for training on each available day.
  • Athletes (or parents of Athletes) who are able to communicate effectively with trainers – letting us know your schedule, letting us know if it changes and answering questions from trainers in a prompt fashion.
  • Athletes (or parents of Athletes) who track their workouts – we expect compliance when it comes to completing workouts, entering weights during strength training and other information necessary for our trainers to evaluate their progress and adjust programming accordingly.

If you put in the time and effort, are compliant and communicate, we can help you get better. If any of these requirements seem daunting or not a good fit for you currently please consider some of our other training options. 

Contact Logan Moose, our YOBD Trainer, to learn more

Email: or text (913) 626-7457 

You can also reach our Customer support team 

Email:  or phone (425) 523-4030 

Here’s what you get:

  • A custom, individualized, day to day program from warm up to drill work to recovery
  • Age appropriate strength training
  • Dedicated trainer to better understand you as an athlete and what you need to work on
  • Driveline products at a discounted price

Come join the Driveline Family! 

All-Encompassing, Individualized Programming from a Driveline Trainer for Youth Athletes

A custom, individualized, day to day program from warm up to drill work to recovery. Age appropriate strength training. Dedicated trainer to better understand you as an athlete and what you need to work on

$99.00 / month and a $400.00 sign-up fee

Blast Motion

Blast Motion Sensors are required for Driveline's Online Baseball Development Program

PlyoCare – optional

Set of 5 Driveline PlyoCare Balls

Youth 9-13, Set of 5

Wrist Weights – optional

Set of 2 Leather Wrist Weights

2.5 Kilogram Set, Youth 9-13

J-Bands – optional

Jaeger Sports Resistance Bands

Youth 9-13

Trampoline – optional

Driveline Recovery Mini Trampoline

Hitting PlyoCare – optional

Athlete Set (8 sets of 4) of Driveline Hitting PlyoCare Balls

Athlete Set (8 of each)

Axe Bat (Youth) – optional

Set of 2 Weighted Training Bats:

-2 20% overload bats, 1 handle-loaded, 1 end-loaded

Recommended age: 9-13

Tanner Tee – optional

Tanner Tees Heavy Tee

Pocket Radar - Smart Coach – optional

Marc Pro – optional



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Priority * 

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What are your primary training goals?

Prior Programming * 

Have you used any Driveline programming or materials such as plyos, weighted balls, wrist weights, Axe Bats, etc. in the past?


What equipment do you have?

Injury History

Do you have any injuries of note in your playing history?

Additional Information

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Blast Motion

Weight 5.6 oz
Blast Motion

Purchase Blast Motion Sensor, I already have a Blast Motion Sensor


Weight 141 oz

Youth 9-13, Set of 5

Wrist Weights

Weight N/A

2.5 Kilogram Set, Youth 9-13


Weight 15 oz

Youth 9-13


Weight 160 oz

Hitting PlyoCare

Weight 311 oz

Athlete Set (8 of each)

Axe Bat (Youth)

Weight 240 oz
Bat Size

29", 30", 31"

Tanner Tee

Weight 240 oz


Pocket Radar - Smart Coach

Weight 13 oz

Marc Pro

Weight 240 oz