Team Pitching: Intermediate Package

Plus Price: $1,649.00

With a heavy focus on equipment and programming, this package provides everything a team needs to bolster their training. Designed for use with 8-12 athletes.


  • Hacking the Kinetic Chain: Advanced Pitching: 260-page training manual plus year-round programming templates
  • PlyoCare Balls:8 sets of 6, for every day warm-up, throwing training, and recovery
  • Leather Weighted Baseballs5 sets of 6, for long toss and high-output throwing
  • Wrist Weights2 x 5kg sets for arm mapping2 x 2.5kg sets for arm mapping with less intense weight
  • Get Hot Kits2 each, LAX Balls, Floss Bands, Vibrating Massage Balls
  • Pull-Apart Bands2 Bands to build shoulder strength
  • Mini Recovery Trampoline2 Trampolines for daily recovery work
  • PlyoCare Drill Poster8 common PlyoCare drills
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