$189.00 / year

-Exclusive Member Discounts. PLUS members receive our best prices on products.

-Members-Only Products. PLUS members get access to brand new members-only products and bundles.

-Exclusive, In-Depth Video Content. Members get access to over 150+ videos diving into all categories of baseball including weekly updates with brand new videos.



The most dedicated coaches and players are sponges. Constantly learning, they are constantly looking for an edge.

We built DrivelinePLUS for them.

Driveline Plus is our new membership program for serious baseball coaches and players.  

  • Exclusive video content–deep dives and how-tos on baseball player development topics

  • The best prices on Driveline equipment.

  • Exclusive, members-only deals on special training gear.

DrivelinePLUS gives you inside, in-depth access to our lab and trainers, all broken down to help develop and compete at your level of baseball.

What’s specifically included?

  • A full course of videos on pitch design
  • How we apply our mobility and strength assessments to hitters and pitchers
  • Breakdowns of specific research and coaching concepts
  • In-depth looks at our hitting training and assessments
  • Get the most out of your current team with applied sabermetrics for amateur teams

And why wouldn’t we reward the most driven, curious coaches and players with our very best prices on Driveline products?

  • Plyo Sets – $49
  • All-leather Weighted Ball Sets – $49
  • Our durable, leather Wrist Weights – $49
  • Our best-selling mini-tramp – $49

Plus lots more deals on hitting equipment and other gear.

Not only that, but we have special deals that we can only offer to members.

  • Durable, “good enough” practice baseballs that we hit with every day for less than $30 per dozen
  • Driveline-branded high quality tumblers and shaker bottles for less than $10
  • Plus many other great deals on products players and coaches use every day

So that’s PLUS, a comprehensive membership for coaches and players wired towards continuous learning.

FAQ: Why doesn’t the discount show up when I buy the subscription and equipment at the same time?

Currently the Driveline Plus subscription needs to be purchase before the discounts become active. If you are looking to buy equipment you will need to purchase your Plus subscription, log-in, then purchase the equipment.

FAQ: Do I have to buy a year’s subsciption at a time?

Yes, Driveline Plus is only currently available as a yearly subscription.

FAQ: When will videos be released?

Driveline Plus will be updated with new videos on a weekly basis.

FAQ: Are the third party deals permanent?

No, the third party exclusives are available until we sell out of the equipment. New exclusives will be available at different times of the year.


  1. Andy Harris (verified owner)

    Driveline Plus has helped immensely with teaching hitting. The videos on understanding swing flaws and how to correct them have been crucial in helping to develop as a coach. So thankful for this product.

  2. Ray Ricker (verified owner)

    DrivelinePlus has been more than I could have hoped for. The amount of knowledge that we can consume on various topics is impressive. With the savings on all of the products being a DrivelinePlus member is a no brainer.

  3. thalloran23 (verified owner)

    Father of 12U – do not coach but spend a reasonable amount of time on 1 on 1 development

    What I Love:
    • Value to Price equation is kind of absurd. I could easily spend twice as much just in seminar/conference fees/other “guru – how to DVD videos” for arguably the same amount or lesser content – plus, the content grows every week plus I am getting training products/balls at cost. Kind of playing with house money early on in the usage of the product.
    • Development/coaching is not my day job & don’t have time for it so its great to have a trusted resource anchored in so much data and trial and error – Less chance of me screwing it up and I sound like I have a clue when regurgitating the material amongst the Dad-coach club.
    • Content spans all age groups and all levels of skill. There is something for everybody IMO.

    Why I would Love it More:
    • Tagging previous DL content (blog articles/IG& Twitter posts) to content-related DL+ videos.

  4. Michael Richards (verified owner)

    This is a phenomenal service. Worth it for the price of baseballs alone. If you cant see the value in this, then I can’t help you and neither can they.

  5. Tanner Pruett (verified owner)

    I love Plus. Definitely worth what I paid for this. Couldn’t ask for anything better than this. I used to be anti-Driveline until I actually started reading the free blog posts. I’m still training to play and this product has outdone itself. This has helped me write, rewrite, and perfect my throwing and lifting program! I love the fact that there are new videos every week. It’s hard to become a stale player/coach with this membership. Thank you Driveline.

  6. alucardkoten (verified owner)

    The depth of these videos are incomparable. There are tons of research videos going into every details of pitching, hitting, strength & conditioning. The key: they are all evidence-based and data-driven.

  7. tnagel01 (verified owner)

    The amount of information in these videos is unbelievable and Driveline Plus is the most important investment I’ve ever made. If you’re not a member of Driveline Plus, you are missing out on an opportunity to develop players the best you possibly can. This is not just a membership, this is an investment in yourself and in your players.

  8. Matt Smith (verified owner)

    Driveline Plus is really a must for any coach who can’t make it out to the Driveline facility. The videos are extremely helpful with breaking down movement patterns and how to help cue athletes. Driveline is on the cutting edge of analytics and metrics and the breakdown videos with Rapsodo is priceless. My high school program just bought a Rapsodo and these videos are helping me explain everything to my players and playing the videos for my pitchers is a huge help. If you or your program is serious about the real way player development should be done, then Driveline Plus is for you.

  9. Drew (verified owner)

    As the owner of a High Performance Training facility, with a baseball bent, I have really enjoyed the Driveline Plus content, as I have all of the content that you guys put out. Since I live on the east coast and can’t get out to your facility on a consistent basis, this makes it really easy to see how you guys do things from a micro-level and not just in short social media posts. When I was first introduced to your stuff over a year and a half ago, I was very skeptical because I had always been told that weighted balls hurt your arm and their are better ways to develop elite pitching. After hearing Driveline dropped a couple of times, I decided to do my own research and really agreed with a lot of what you guys were saying and doing, and after reading 10-15 articles I was ALL IN. Anything that you guys do, I put my trust in because I know you are going to do your do diligence to make sure it is the best. I believe that you guys live by what I try to live by every day and it is the driving theme of The Performance Lab, and that is “If better is possible, good is not enough.”

  10. Mario Marsillo (verified owner)

    I purchased this program for my 15yr old. The depth of the information is incredible and trainers are excellent especially if you are unsure of anything. I would recommend to anyone who is serious about improving all aspects of throwing…not just pitching. To top it all off….the price is exceptional considering all that you are getting

  11. Shawn Karl (verified owner)

    I probably waited too long to get involved with Driveline. September of 2018 my son finally talked me into making an investment in his future as a pitcher and I signed him up for a Driveline Pitching Analysis in Atlanta at MPH Academy. Now, we are from St.Louis so this was a pretty big investment! I can say it’s been the best thing to every happen to my son as far as baseball is concerned. He uses DrivelinePlus and his online coaches through Driveline everyday! His work ethic has become something from another planet. His grades at school and total attitude has changed for the better. Driveline has a culture, you either get with the culture or you get out. Look at the athletes that train with Driveline, these young men all have drive and a singular focus on constant improvement. I’m just a dad so this may or may not mean anything to you reading my opinion, but it has changed my sons life. This is not some BS review, it’s about more than just throwing hard. These guys actually care about motivating athletes to help themselves get better. Can’t thank the guys from Driveline enough, they do more for these kids than they know.

  12. Dylansapir (verified owner)

    I love Driveline Plus. The videos have really helped as we are a little over a month into our roll out of HTKC. Aside from the great videos, when I place my next order I’ll probably get my subscription money back with the discounts. Not exclusive to Plus but the customer service has been incredible!

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