Team Hitting: Premium Package


Everything a team needs to implement and sustain a full-fledged, Data-Driven training program. Includes software, programming, equipment and supplemental technology. Designed for use with 16-20 athletes

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Axe Bat Speed Trainers x 3

3 sets of 3:
Each set contains:
2 Overload Bats (one handle-loaded, one barrel-loaded)
1 Underload Bat

Axe Bat Long Trainer × 3

Driveline Hitting PlyoCare Balls × 2

Blast Motion Bat Sensor × 4

TRAQ - 1 Year Subscription

TRAQ is built for college, high school, and travel ball programs. Allowing for coaches to run one or several data-driven development team programs efficiently. With TRAQ, coaches can write and upload their own programs and have their athletes track their own data as their training progresses. With built in integrations with technologies such as Rapsodo, HitTrax, Blast, Pocket Radar, Trackman, K-Vest and Diamond Kinetics, coaches can utilize the best of baseball technology as seamlessly as possible. 

This subscription is ideal for high school or college, or for a private facility or travel team with up to 20 athletes. There will be an additional subscription of $99 per month for the next 40 athletes that you train and $199 a month for more than 60 athletes. For facility based subscriptions you will only be charged for the months that you are actively programming athletes.

Additional information

Axe Bat Speed Trainers x 3

Weight 300 oz
Bat Size

3 – 32", 3 – 33", 3 – 34"



Axe Bat Long Trainer

Weight 40 oz

Driveline Hitting PlyoCare Balls

Weight 311 oz

Team Set (24 of each)

Blast Motion Bat Sensor

Weight 5.6 oz


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